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Strix454 said: But he did spend all night jumping on streams of marginal CG personalities. He did hang around CG while having no interest in comics so he could pursue his drama in other communities such as the fandom menace. He did encourage puppets on his shows, got into puppet related drama, He would pursue self-destructive drama … Apr 11, 2024. #47,944. Devlish Flow said: If it's a cosplay with a mask or face covering, his morbidly obese ass will be gasping and wheezing before he makes his first circuit around the floor. Look for the … Mar 30, 2024. Highlight. #46,888. Who thought comicsgate could be so utterly buckbroken by one black guy who just worked hard and was polite to his customers. Well played, Mr July. Last edited: Mar 30, 2024. Simp Biscuit, Dead Gay Muppet Gangbang, aguywatchingitallburn and 15 others.

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Most of the members of the 'whisper network' Comicsgate vaguely rails about to this day cut their teeth in the WEF, including Chris Sebela, Chip Zdarsky, Sam Humphries, Kieran Gillen, Heidi MacDonld, Rich Johnston, etc. etc. Kelly Sue "don't like my politics don't buy my book" DeConnick was a mod there; it was where she met her husband Matt ...I am a shit poster on kiwifarms, I have no links to my living tied to my internet bucks. I laugh at retards on the internet. MR Dongs Is a retard on the internet, as is 90% of comicsgate still skating the thin ice of ethan van schivers clout. You all are faggots and you all deserve a million Presumably they want a return to the Marvel and D.C. of the 80s and 90s. Before everything went off the rails. Before political correctness took over the American industry, and the Japanese moved in to take advantage of consumer dissatisfaction with the shitty American product. What they want would actually would be fine.EVS is a repulsive faggot for supporting a jihad against Eric July for no other reason than that Eric July makes his bullshit comicsgate loser movement look bad by actually delivering when he crowdfunds, instead of just stealing people's money, grifting, and sperging instead of delivering. Fuck you, EVS, you fat scumbag faggot. May 3, 2024. #49,124. Olórin of Hype said: View attachment 5957083. [LINK] View attachment 5957105. If he's drawing every Mon-Frid for that length, he should, assuming he's a slow faggot, be completing no less than one page a week. Assuming he draws just one page a week, taking a WEEK for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and family Monday at 1:55 PM. #49,203. "The Farms are like the joker" - Dane Whitman (Actual Fandom) Would it surprise my fellow Kiwibros if I said Dane wants to destigmatize pedophilia. ComicsGate's Ethan van Sciver is seen as a lolcow by his old pals at The Apr 22, 2024. #48,482. SaidNoOneEver said: The puppet bit is the same as the Camel Moon cartoons that guy used to make about CG before he got tired of all their bullshit and left too: just filler for EVS' streams in between him begging people to back his years late This is more fandom menace/Midnight's Edge related but jesus christ this video really shows up how much these grifters are shallow midwits who don't have a single honest opinion. You have Spencer trying to say not to trust Elon Musk. And the rest falling over themselves to tounge Elon's arsehole.Jan 6, 2018 · Apr 24, 2024. #48,623. That sweet, sweet Cecil arc coming in at the perfect time when Sciverfrog's monumental heatflash is burning through his t-shirt! Cecil will learn that standing up for a sudden attack of moral conscience after half a decade in frog-guarding and CeeGee gatekeeping will only get you a metallic frog foot up the ... Apr 18, 2024. #48,187. Strix454 said: EVS and alot of comicsgate is stuck mentally in the 1990s and in US comics from the 1990s. Alot of the comicsgate mentality has been driven by 1990s nostalgia and the idea that everything done then was better than whats being done Apr 15, 2024. #48,101. Captain Manning said: Frankly, I haven't seen anybody here shitting on his handicapped daughter. Most people here aren't heartless assholes. She's a minor. The only reason we even know he has a handicapped daughter is because he will not shut the fuck up about her. ….

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Rating Action: Moody's assigns first time Ba3 rating to Oregon Clean Energy, LLC's senior secured credit facilities; outlook stableVollständigen A... Vollständigen Artikel bei Only 100 or so years of Daily, weekly, monthly comics with no computers or advanced technology for most of the century but suddenly since comicsgate started it's a major ordeal to make one shitty comic. In a way, the computers and advanced technology are a big part of the problem behind Feb 26, 2024. #44,812. The Clipaverse Riley Mint Salad show was labeled Matt Bahr is being sued and after a 2 hour show they had 256 total views, and average of 80 live Viewers. The Geek Getaway chuckle fucks have a stream with 94 people watching about Slumlords and Matt Bahr. Today at 3:24 PM. #49,302. huckbeine said: do you mean the "non-practicing lawyer" or the "white-ass bread nigga". The non-practicing lawyer. As I recall, Eric made a passing reference to him in a video regarding the now settled ISOM lawsuit in which Eric insinuated Nick’s opinion on law over his own laywers meant Jack …Gainers Guardforce AI Co., Limited (NASDAQ:GFAI) rose 36.1% to $0.3786 in pre-market trading. Guardforce AI recently established a collaboration... Don’t forget to check out our Today at 3:24 PM. #49,302. huckbeine said: do you mean the "non-practicing lawyer" or the "white-ass bread nigga". The non-practicing lawyer. As I recall, Eric made a passing reference to him in a video regarding the now settled ISOM lawsuit in which Eric insinuated Nick’s opinion on law over his own laywers meant Jack … Mar 3, 2024. #45,101. Idiot Doom Spiral said: so anyone who believes EVS is doing ‘work’ from 9am to 6pm is either gay or a lobotomy outpatient. Your timeline is pretty spot on except you left out the time he takes out of his day for second breakfast, elevenses, afternoon tea, and supper. If he spent as much time a day ...Dec 22, 2022. #40,221. PickaTopTier said: its CG, 80% of these fucking books are late. That's a very generous/conservative estimate. I don't have the numbers, but I would be willing to bet that it is a lot higher, even if you included Iconicgate (Tim Lim/Doug "Super Catholic" Ernst and co.) into that estimate (which I wouldn't). Luckily Nick Rekieta bloomed into a giga cow. Nick’s 7 hour Eric July cope stream brought Comicsgate to my attention. This Comicsgate thing, it has a lot of cow crossover. Dick, Nick, EVS, Vito, Ethan Ralph. It’s like a cow Voltron. The Coon, Fascist Kirk, TurboNAS and 3 Mar 15, 2024. #46,042. Ethan's trashcast 36 tonight was another low-energy stream with almost random content. These are highlights rather than full coverage. - Ethan did a long segment on JDA and his last comic followed by some JDA clip. It was boring, retarded and ultimately seemed rather pointless. Few in the comics sektur can get along with that many creators from project inception to print. Graham Nolan put out an anthology comic but you read the cover price right, $50 bucks. Way too fucking much to put out a magazine traditionally regularly. We'll see how many of those Rippazines Eric July manages to make. Jan 6, 2018 · Joined Feb 14, 2023. Oct 19, 2023 #42,422 ... Comicsgate is already a trashfire where the plane crashed and just kept being fed with new things/drama ... If CG artists started acting like free-thinking individuals instead of herd animals, decided to make their own business decisions, started innovating and going with whatever made the most business sense, there is nothing EVS or Malin have to offer them in 2024. Mar 16, 2024. #46,130. TheSoutherStar said: To my understanding, the comicsgate talking points resonated in the past because 1.) low effort writers and artists are on premiere IPs like superman and spiderman 2.) low effort writers are being given publishing spots on image or dark horse. What I don't understand is why go after ... I'm actually low-key, cautiously excited for Zack's potential rebirth/renaissance as an Ooropean-style bande dessinée author. Hopefully Narwhal is just kind of an awkward stepping stone on Zack's glorious march towards European comics supremacy. Look at his delightful recent community post...